Gourmet LandAround the world of taste, the dining experience and pleasure. The country of sensations on the island of Tenerife. GourmetLand loves cooking, different cuisines, exquisite well done, everyday surprise with fresh products selected with care care, prepared by professional experts cuisine lovers who deliver personal attention and relationship with persons to serve as an opportunity to experience something magical about each of our restaurants. When you visit GourmetLand is giving the opportunity to choose a new way to enjoy eating, drinking the most varied wines and spirits, approach the sensual pleasure without limit or reserve. When you enter the land of gastronomy GourmetLand, he will never forget.


Our mission is to be known and recognized for our leadership through our passion for high standards of quality and service, our respect for the environment, our identity and our commitment to create exceptional opportunities for personal and professional growth. And get our clients to achieve their expectations for their dining experience with our products and our service.

Our values are to serve the community, to society and to the benefit of all members of the company. We support the maintenance of the culture, traditions, education and training of people, focusing our business and support its achievement.


lorenzo reveronFOUNDER: Lorenzo Reveron

REVYROD Business Group founder and creator of the leading brand in food GOURMETLAND meets in his career the best qualities of merit, work and constant dedication to their ideas. Leaving the poorest levels of the profession reaches the highest peaks of recognition as an entrepreneur and visionary entrepreneur trends and a clear application of common sense, the love for their island and respect for the traditions of his native region, southern Tenerife.